Becoming a competent reader and writer is an essential foundation for education and for life. Building this foundation and establishing the assurance that all students will be reading on or above grade level is a priority for the Como-Pickton CISD.

Children learn to read, write, and spell in different ways. A balanced reading program should meet the needs of most students. Students who do not learn to read, write, and spell in spite of a broad, balanced reading program are offered a variety of alternative strategies and support. If these instructional strategies and additional support are not successful, the school may consider evaluation in the area of dyslexia or other related disorders. Students who show signs of dyslexia may need intervention to be successful in school.

The guidelines and procedures adopted have been designed to correlate to the identification and instruction of students with dyslexia and related disorders adopted by the State Board of Education, mandated by the state of Texas, and presented in The Dyslexia Handbook: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders. This document is intended to provide districts with guidelines for developing written procedures and has been a consistent resource in the development of the CPCISD’s dyslexia intervention.

CPCISD is committed to supporting all students to ensure educational success. Dyslexia support services are provided at all grade levels.


Accessible Books for Texas is a Benetech project funded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that provides on-the-ground training and support to Texas public K-12 educators, parents, and students on accessible instructional materials (AIM). Bookshare is Benetech's accessible online library which has over 500,000 titles available to individuals with print disabilities. Through an award from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Bookshare offers free memberships to U.S. schools and qualifying U.S. students. Visit the Bookshare website for more information at: https://www.bookshare.org/cms

Learning Ally has 80,000 + human-narrated audio books available to individuals with print disabilities. The materials can be delivered through internet downloads and accessed using various mainstream and assistive technology devices. Through a contract with TEA, Learning Ally offers free memberships to Texas K-12 public and charter schools with qualifying students. Visit the Learning Ally website for more information: https://learningally.org

SB 2075 requires school districts to notify parents of the Talking Book Program. The Talking Book Program (TBP) provides free library services to qualifying Texans with visual, physical, or reading disabilities. TBP is part of the National Library Service to the Blind and Print Disabled, a program administered by the Library of Congress. The TBP collection consists of more than 100,000 titles, including hundreds of titles in Spanish, and some in French, German, Russian, and other languages. https://www.tsl.texas.gov/tbp/index.html