During this period of school closure, we want to continue offering your child lunch and breakfast.  We will have a drive-up / pick-up service available for you every day at the front entrance of the elementary school between 10:15 and 11:15, Monday through Friday. Please consider this a drive through type service and remain in your vehicles. We will serve you at your vehicle at the designated pick-up point.

In order for us to prepare the correct number of meals each day, please call our School Closure Student Meal Hotline the day prior to picking up your child’s meals.  We will begin answering this number on Friday for our Monday meal pick-up.  The Hotline number is 903-488-8895.  Our Hotline hours will be from  8:00 am – 11:30 am, Monday – Friday each week.

We encourage you to use the pick-up process at the school as our delivery resources are understandably very thin.  We will, however, deliver your child’s meals to your house if it is impossible for you to make arrangements to pick them up.  If that is the case, please let the Hotline receptionist know that you will need a delivery when you call.  They will ask you for your child’s name, address, and bus number.  The delivery team will not get out of their vehicle, so please be prepared to meet them at your driveway on the day of delivery.  They will start their deliveries at 10:15 am each day.  For further questions, please feel free to call the Student Meal Hotline, or email your campus principal.  That number again is 903-488-8895.