Dear Como-Pickton Students, Parents, and Community:

The rate of the spread of this COVID-19 virus as well as its proximity to our district, has led me to find it in the best interest of our school community to order our school closed until at least April, 10th. Last Thursday, there were 11 counties with confirmed cases of the virus. By Saturday, that number rose to 17 counties, and as of yesterday, there were 23 counties with confirmed cases. Several of those counties surround our county, and I believe there to be presumed positives within our county itself; though, there are currently no confirmed cases. Additionally, there are 941 schools ordered closed throughout the state of Texas. Furthermore, several states have already ordered schools closed for the remainder of the year. With that perspective in mind, I do not want to spread false hope to the community that we will more than likely return to school on April 13th. We will keep with our optimistic projection, and monitor the situation closely between now and then.

Within the next few days, Monday at the latest, your child's teachers will begin contacting you to determine the most effective way in which to deliver your child's instruction. While we would like to incorporate online learning for everyone, we understand the needs of our community and realize that some of you do not have internet access. For some of you, that is a financial manner, and for others it is simply not available in your area with any consistency. In some cases, the teacher may just prefer to send instructional material home through hard-copy resources. Whatever the case may be, our goal is to work with you to make sure your child's educational needs are met during this trying time.

In addition to meeting your child's educational needs, we also want to make sure that we are meeting your child's nutritional needs as well. Before the end of the day today, we will post on our website as well as our social media pages instructions on how we can provide your children with breakfast and lunch.

As I mentioned previously, we are embarking on something none of us have ever experienced in our lives. During these uncertain times, my administrative team and I will try our best to share as much information with you as possible. It is new to all of us, and I am sure we will make mistakes along the way. Please know in advance that we are moving forward with a servant's heart and any of those mistakes are unintentional.

Students, please stay away from large crowds and gatherings. We miss you. We love you, and we hope this all passes quickly that we may get to see you back in our classes again soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Greg Bower