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High School

Como-Pickton Eagles Coaching Staff

Athletic Director and Head Football: Charles Swann

Assistant Head Football, Offensive Coordinator, Strength and Conditioning, and Head Boys Track: Jeremy Phillips

Head Baseball and Varsity Assistant Football: Kellan Carrell

Head Boys Cross Country: Salvador Mejia

Head Basketball and Varsity Assistant Football: Devin McIlwain

Varsity Assistant Football, Basketball, Baseball: 

Varsity Assistant Football, JH Football, Varsity Assistant Basketball, and Assistant Baseball: 

Varsity Assistant Football, JH Football, Basketball, and Track: Austin Baxley 

Varsity Assistant Football, JH Football, Basketball, and Track: 


Como-Pickton Lady Eagles Coaching Staff

Girl’s Coordinator, Head Volleyball, Head Girl’s Basketball, and Varsity Assistant Girl’s Track: Robert Snyder

Head Softball: 

Head Cross Country, Head Track, and Varsity Assistant Volleyball: Dee Evans

Assistant Volleyball and Assistant Softball: Robin Stephens

Varsity Assistant Basketball and Varsity Assistant Softball: James “Bo” Yates

JH Volleyball, Basketball, and Track: Jana Satterfield, Chele Reynolds

JH, JV and Varsity Cheer: Shana Bellows and Shona Brewer


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